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We Empower Young People to Learn Programming Skills And Do Good In Their Communities!

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What Is Random Hacks of Kindness, Jr.?

Random Hacks of Kindness, Jr. is a non-profit organization that brings young people hands-on learning experiences where they apply technology to achieve social good.

At our one-day programs — which we call hackathons — children in grades 4 – 8 are matched with representatives from local charities, along with computer science Mentors, and together they devise a technological solution in the form of a mobile app, to one of the charity’s needs. In these unique, interactive learning opportunities, the students get practical exposure to the potential of computer science and a chance to use it in a way that will benefit others in their community. 

Our hackathons are totally non-competitive and are all about the process and a journey where children have an adventure and a chance to explore. Bridging the real world and the classroom, RHoK, Jr. breaks down barriers, lights sparks, and provides students inspiration, while addressing practical issues with social impact.

Who Benefits At Our Hackathons? Everyone Does!

Girl-showing-app creation

Young People
Grades 4–8

In a day filled with fun, tweens and preteens of all backgrounds experience teamwork, problem solving and communications, seeing first-hand how to work with coding a mobile app and learn about the real world.


Older high school or college students as well as adult volunteers have the opportunity to teach, lead and inspire young people while working with the concepts they learned in school.

Mentors assisting kids to code
Kids coding for nonprofits
Non-Profit Organizations (Like Us!)

Organizations receive consultation on issues they face along with a proposed solution and will get exposure for their mission and messages.

Why Choose Random Hack of Kindness, Jr.? Because We Are...

Coding is fun


Coding is Collaborative




Make a difference


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“….This app developer teaching idea is totally amazing in my opinion as it teaches kids the power that they have and shows them that the possibilities are limitless with computers.”


College mentor 

from University of Hartford

How You Can Get Involved


Provide a place and funding for hackathons and be part of the community.


Enable us to provide more exciting leaning experiences for students across Connecticut.


Contribute to our mission with your time, knowledge or resources.