From the event at Fraser Woods Montessori School – May, 2013

From Mentors:

“Today we’ve created the basic structure of an app that will help us to track Ben’s Bells. Users can search for bells and post new bell they have found. I really enjoyed this opportunity to work with really bright young ones. They all enjoyed themselves and kept the creativity flowing. They programmed and designed the entire app which was really great! Their ideas were practical and realistic. With a bit more time they would have developed a pretty amazing app.”

– Matt Stanko

“I am from the University of Hartford with the computer science club. I arrived late, yet had a great time helping as best I could. This app developer teaching idea is totally amazing in my opinion as it teaches kids the power that they have; shows them that the possibilities are limitless with computers.”

– Jameson ()

“The event was really great. The kids had great ideas and it was a wonderful science project for the University of Hartford CS Majors. Thanks for having us.”

– Brian

“My experience today was wonderful. Allll of the kids were really into their projects and it was exciting to see their amazement at some of the projects. This was a wonderful experience for me and I would love to come back for similar events.”

– Richard Ian Reilly, University of Hartford ()

“Amazing to see the energy and community in my hometown! Thank you for putting this event together.”

– John Crowley ()

“I worked with Nathanial and Lizzy on the American Diabetes Association food and activity tracker. Though we did not complete the implementation, our app was a solidly developed concept and would be great to one day finish. Lizzie and Nathanial said they could continue more on it into the future. Both kids and our adult partners were great to work with. I really enjoyed my time here! Thanks for hosting the event.”

– William Acheson ()

From Parents:

“Awesome day!! Patrice, this surpassed my expectations. Congratulations on not only the subject of kindness via creating apps for nonprofits, but the day went without a hitch. Very well organized. Working on our app was fun and I we can make it into something that can be used to help families of Autistic Children. Thank you”

– Patty Gattinoni, working with Autism Speaks

“Worked on App for Ben’s Bells. Amazed at how organized the event was – and the reason behind it!! Very glad my daughter had this opportunity. I am sure it has opened a lot of new possibilities. Thank you!”

– Cristina Piedrahitu

From Charities:

“It was a great day. The children were so focused and excited about what they were doing and how what they were doing demonstrated how you can use technology for good. If we can harness that positive energy in our youth today we can certainly hope to create lasting and positive change in the world.”

– Ken Murdoch, CIO from Save The Children, representing Newtown Kindness

“Thought this was an extraordinarily successful day! I was really impress with the level of engagement and focus shown by my team and all the teams today. Could not believe how creative and thoughtful these 4th graders were! Great job by our mentor Matt, as well. It was a great opportunity for the kids, parents and stakeholders to participate in the solution development process – super chance to work through determining requirements, designing, interfaces, etc. Patrice – really great job! Felt the event was very well-organized, Mentors were all engaged and committed to helping the kids make some good projects over the course of the day. Would definitely like to see this become and annual event, more participants and mentors will make it even greater. As a sign of the success of today’s events, our kids are all asking if they can get together to continue working on their app!. Great job Patrice!!”

– Beth Krueger, stakeholder, Ben’s Bells (Newtown)

From Students:

“Today was a lot of fun. My favorite part about today was when we developed the app. I also enjoyed thinking about the different pages. Today was fun.”

– Harel (age 10)

“Today was fun. It was cool using App Inventor for the first time”

– Joseph

“today was really fun. I got to work on Ben’s Bells app with my friends and we all cooperated. The programming as like Scratch and we had some problems we fixed easily, but over all I had a really good time!”

– Luke Sordi

“I really liked working on the app – I wish I had more time for that.  Had to do a lot of thinking, researching and planning out, but once I learned app inventor it became much easier. Our mentor, Nat, was really nice.  He made things a lot of fun, but also got things done.”

– Danille Elliey (age 9)

“I liked how we got to make a ppt and an app.”

– Arian (age 10)

“Great experience. Provided teamwork for all of us!  It made us work super hard! Really fun!”

– Isabel Orozco Piedrahita (age 11)

“I liked that we got to create apps and got a chance to help the community.”

– Christopher

“I invented an app that helps provide more infor for the animal center of Newtown. I liked working on it a lot. The only problem was that my group disappeared on me.  Everything else was very nice and helpful. I learned a lot.”

– Emily